The new Lismore City Councillors
The new Lismore City Councillors

How the new Lismore council will vote for a Deputy Mayor

THE FIRST Lismore City Council meeting with the newly-elected council will happen tonight.

The first point of business is for councillors to vote on key positions such as the Deputy Mayor role.

The role was previously held by newly-elected mayor Isaac Smith.

How the deputy mayor election works:

1) If only one Councillor is nominated, that councillor is elected. If more than one Councillor is nominated, the council is to resolve whether the election is to proceed by preferential ballot, by ordinary ballot or by open voting.

2) The election is to be held at the Council meeting at which the Council resolves the method of voting.

3) In this clause: "ballot” has its normal meaning of secret ballot; "open voting' means voting by a show of hands or similar means. Previously this Council has determined that the election for Deputy Mayor would be by open voting.

4) Lismore City Council staff recommend the method of election for Deputy Mayor be by open voting.

Prior to any election, each candidate for the position of Deputy Mayor may give a short presentation outlining her/his reasons for standing, how s/he would operate as Deputy Mayor, what time commitment would be given and the skills s/he would have to offer. Each candidate may be asked questions from the floor about their candidacy.

Election Of Members To Rous County Council

Each member Council elects two Councillors who attend monthly Rous County Council meetings.

The three areas of responsibility for Rous County Council are for water management, construction and maintenance of flood mitigation infrastructure on or adjacent to the Wilson/Richmond River system and management of declared noxious weeds.

The NSW Minister for Local Government announced earlier this year that Rous Water, Far North Coast Weeds and Richmond River County Council would merge into one entity from 1 July 2016. The new merged entity is named Rous County Council. The merger will provide cash savings of approximately $130,000 and greater efficiencies in administration and reporting requirements.

Councillors will also have the opportunity to be elected on the following committees:

Other Committees:

Lismore City Council Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee

District Bush Fire Management Committee

Joint Regional Planning Panel

Lismore Floodplain Risk Management Committee

Northern Rivers Joint Organisation (NOROC)

NSW Rural Fire Service Zone Liaison Committee

Arts Northern Rivers

Traffic Advisory Group

General Manager's Performance Review Committee

Lismore Business Panel

Lismore City Council Strategic Policy

NORPA Cultural Alliance Joint Steering Committee

Public Art Reference Group

Richmond Tweed Regional Library

Biodiversity Management Strategy Advisory Group

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