How the book shop survived after the flood

Richard Morrow and daughter Sarah Morrow saved the Book Warehouse because they believed the store was important for the local community.
Richard Morrow and daughter Sarah Morrow saved the Book Warehouse because they believed the store was important for the local community. Samantha Poate

A FAMILY affair was the saving grace for one of the CBD's most treasured shops, The Book Warehouse.

In the early days following the March flood, rumours were spread that the CBD's beloved shop would not reopen, and more locals became devastated by the news.

Then employee, Sarah Morrow couldn't bear the thought of her store not reopening, so when her former employer offered her the chance to take the reigns she could not refuse.

"He gave me the opportunity to take it over, so I roped Richard and Wendy (her parents) in and we went for it,” Ms Morrow said.

"It's been a bit of a dream come true for me, it was something I thought of before and we had discussed.

"The support has just been amazing, all of our customers keep making a point to tell us how happy they are.”

Ms Morrow and her parents Richard Morrow and Wendy Coates took over the store in May and it has been thriving amongst the refreshed CBD ever since.

"For Wendy and I, we are learning the business, there is a lot to learn and that is happening quickly and we are very excited it's all coming together nicely,” Richard Morrow said.

With the assistance the stores former owner, the Morrow's were able to get the business up and running again within three weeks.

"It has been a key store in the CBD for over 30 years and it plays an important role in the community, as all book stores do.” Ms Morrow said.

She said it was extremely sad to see some of the long-term shops close after the flood, however was excited about seeing all the new business coming to the CBD.

"The CBD is looking a lot healthier which is fantastic and the support is still there but it still needs to continue as well.”

Looking forward, the co-owners are looking excited to be contributing to the community and the local business economy.

"Contributing to the local chamber and helping the CBD to flourish by making our business strong,” Mr Morrow said.

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