Lismore's 2019 recycled Christmas tree is the fifth recycled one for the CBD.
Lismore's 2019 recycled Christmas tree is the fifth recycled one for the CBD.

How much water is needed to keep our Christmas tree alive?

IT'S Christmas time once more and that means Lismore City Council is getting creative with its tree design.

In the past the council has used old bicycles, road signs and umbrellas to create its annual Christmas tree on the corner of Keen and Magellan streets.

This year, the council decided to use living plants to continue its festive tradition.

The seven metre high CBD festive sculpture is made from more than 300 potted plants, 100 metres of tinsel, 250 metres of LED strip lighting powered by solar, 16 pairs of work trousers and matching boots, and rather than being topped by the traditional Santa, staff have created 'Planta'.

But with parts of the LGA facing water restrictions, some residents have taken to social media to criticise the tree which will need minimal watering for ten minutes every eight hours every day leading up to Christmas.

Frances Folpp said: "It looks great but seriously, where's the forethought from council? We're in a drought and it will need to be watered just as water restrictions are around the corner?".

Chris Johnno Johnston: "Makes total sense to install a feature that's going to need daily watering in middle of worst drought we've ever seen. This town is so amazing".

Danielle Ball: "Seriously a plant tree in a drought. This council is out of touch".

But Mayor Isaac Smith said residents shouldn't be concerned about the amount of water the tree will be using.

"It's a drip feed system, 15 minutes every eight hours," Cr Smith said.

"People can see the tank. It's not a lot of water.

"It's only a tiny amount of water being used to beautify our CBD.

"People need to recognise we're only on very low water restrictions, we still allow minimum watering of gardens."

He added that he's received "overwhelming support" from the community since the tree was erected on Thursday.

"There's been a marked decrease in the negative feedback which is a great win for our community," he said.

Meanwhile, other residents have also taken to social media to share their love of the new tree.

Andi Watt said: "Well done to the council workers. Time and thoughts go into this each year - always mixed reactions but effort should be acknowledged".

Fiona Lister: "I love it. It's the only bit of green we have in the area. So, enjoy it one and all".

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