Private chef Talking Turkey
Private chef Talking Turkey

How to host a dinner party

Cooking is not one of my strengths and while I love hosting dinner parties, preparing a meal for more than two people is pretty scary for me. So, I was rather excited at the prospect of having a chef come to my home to prepare a meal for my friends.

Having someone else doing the planning, shopping, cooking and worrying about making a success of a dinner party for eight is a blessing. 

Santosh Walunjkar from Talking Turkey arrived with everything needed to prepared a delicious meal. He had boxes of fruit and vegetables, food, condiments, cooking implements and crockery. All I had to do was supply was the cutlery, glasses, drinks, kitchen and oven. 

As soon as he arrived, Santosh took over the kitchen. He arrived at 3.30pm and our guests were due at 6.30pm. I was amazed to watch all the food - including the sauces, marinades and desserts - being prepared from scratch in my kitchen.    

Here's how to host a dinner party in your home.   

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