Holiday letting easier for smaller Byron homes

BYRON Bay houses with three or less bedrooms will be able to holiday let without council approval for 90 days each year following new planning changes.

Byron Shire Council resolved to amend its Local Environment Plan 2014 to permit holiday letting as an exempt development for houses that have three or less bedrooms for 90 days each year.

Occupants would be capped at two per bedroom, excluding children under 5 years.

However, property owners and holiday renters would need to comply with fire safety, amenity impacts and complaints management.

The property would still need to be registered with council.

Mayor Simon Richardson said the issue of holiday letting had long been a divisive issue.

"After many consultation sessions with effected residents, property owners and managers, the LEP amendment will allow everyone clear guidance on what is, and is not, acceptable within our towns," he said.

"The outcome was about finding a balance between ensuring neighbourhood amenity and supporting tourism within a planning control that was not overly arduous.

"It was particularly gratifying to hear from people who had been affected by holiday letting, that they were pleased to see the shire leading Australia with new ground breaking and tough regulations that would help protect amenity."

Development consent would be required for properties that have more than three bedrooms or wish to holiday let longer than 90 days within a year.

And if a property owner receives two substantiated complaints within a year, that property will be banned from holiday letting.

Another condition is that the property owner or manager must also be contactable 24 hours, 7 days a week, to respond to complaints on issues such as noise, parties, anti-social behaviour that affects neighbourhood amenity

Existing holiday homes will have one year from the gazettal of the new planning controls to comply.

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