Polling by Sportsbet has Kevin Hogan and Justine Elliot set to win the federal seats of Page and Richmond.
Polling by Sportsbet has Kevin Hogan and Justine Elliot set to win the federal seats of Page and Richmond. Bev Lacey

Hogan and Elliot to take Page and Richmond: polls

INCUMBENT Page and Richmond MPs Kevin Hogan and Justine Elliot look to be returned to power at the July 2 federal election according to Sportsbet, but their challengers won’t be giving up without a fight.

Current odds have Mr Hogan at $1.75 to be returned to power in Page, with Labor’s Janelle Saffin at $2.30 and The Greens Kudra Falla-Ricketts at $11.

Mr Hogan said he was optimistic, rather than confident of winning his second term in Page.

“This is a job that is all about serving your community,” he said.

“It is making sure our voice, and our needs are heard in Canberra and I take it very seriously.

“I believe we have had some major wins in the last three years especially on job creating infrastructure projects.”

Mr Hogan said he was more focused on doing his job rather than watching polls.

Former Member for Page Janelle Saffin said she didn’t play close attention to the polls as the only poll that counted was on election day.

“We’ve got another seven weeks to put our goods and wares before the people of Page and for them to make up their mind,” she said.

“I have confidence in Labor policies because they’re the policies that reflect the concerns of local people, and people are still bitterly disappointed with the Nationals, particularly with the budget.

“I’m confident in my ability to put my best foot forward in this campaign and I have confidence in the people that they will choose the representative who will have a big voice and a good voice for them in the federal parliament.”

Greens candidate for Page Kudra Falla-Ricketts said she wasn’t worried about her current odds of $11, with the election still seven weeks away.

“I’m hoping that Kevin Hogan doesn’t get in because he has really let down our community,” she said.

“Based on the budget, people on the lowest incomes are set to be up to $1400-a-year worse off if the coalition is returned to power.

“I think that people are really feeling disenchanted by the coalition and Labor and are turning to The Greens and other parties who have policies that actually put people first rather than big business first.”

After 12-years as Member for Richmond, former police officer, Labor’s Justine Elliot, is at $1.45 to retain her seat with the Nationals candidate Matthew Fraser at $4.50.

“I don’t take anything for granted; every election is a huge challenge,” she said.

“People are responding very positively to Labor’s plans of putting people first, particularly when it comes to areas like health, education and climate change.

“What ever the polls or Sportsbet say, I just put that to one side and focus on my campaign.”

In his second tilt at Richmond, Mr Fraser said he was humbled to be pre-selected again.

“I was very humbled last election to receive the highest primary vote, but of course I lost on Greens preferences,” he said.

“I think the people are saying what has Justine Elliot actually done in the past 12 years and they are saying its time for a change.

“When we have been door knocking people have said they want someone who will be accountable to them...they don’t want people to simply go down to Canberra and warm the seat.”

Sitting just behind Mr Fraser is The Greens Dawn Walker, who said all polls should be taken “with a grain of salt.”

“This is showing it will be a three-way race in Richmond and there is a lot of interest in The Greens campaign,” she said.

“We’ve got hundreds of people out door-knocking across the electorate and that’s obviously starting to reflect in the polling results.”

A huge issue for the Richmond electorate was the environment, Ms Walker said.

“I think fundamentally in Richmond people want action on climate change and they are also disillusioned by the obvious influence political donations are having on the two major parties policies when it comes to fossil fuels and renewable energy.”


Kevin Hogan - Nationals - $1.75

Janelle Saffin - Labor - $2.30

Kudra Falla-Ricketts - The Greens - $11.00


Justine Elliot - Labor - $1.45

Matthew Fraser - Nationals - $4.50

Dawn Walker - The Greens - $5

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