HMAS Lismore bid gains steam

LISMORE mayor Jenny Dowell has helped strike a blow for the campaign to have a future Royal Australian Navy vessel named Lismore in honour of the original HMAS Lismore, which served in World War II.

The mayor promptly shot off a letter to Senior Naval Historical Officer John Perryman asking that the name of Lismore be considered for any future RAN vessel after The Northern Star revealed the possibility recently.

The Defence White Paper last year announced 20 new offshore combat vessels would progressively replace the navy’s patrol boat, hydrographic and mine hunter fleets.

These would be an appropriate type of vessel – considering the HMAS Lismore was a Bathurst class corvette minesweeper – to carry the Lismore name.

In a letter addressing the mayor’s support, Mr Perryman said any submissions received would be considered.

“You may be pleased to learn that the article concerning naming a future ship Lismore which appeared in The Northern Star newspaper has stimulated a great deal of interest in your community and I have received a number of formal requests to perpetuate the name in a future RAN warship,” he wrote.

“The RAN’s association with the City of Lismore, through the former Bathurst class corvette and the Australian Naval Cadet unit TS Lismore, is one which the navy is justly proud of and each request received to name a future vessel Lismore is registered by me and placed on file.

“When names are being considered for future acquisitions all of the requests are reviewed and forwarded to the Chief of Navy for his consideration.

“While I can give you no guarantee that the name Lismore might be selected, I can assure you that it will be taken into consideration as part of the formal selection process.”

Cr Dowell said members of the community should make a concerted effort to send submissions.

To submit a letter in support write to John Perryman, CSM Senior Naval Historical Officer, Sea Power Centre – Australia, PO Box 7942, Department of Defence, Canberra, ACT, 2600; or email:

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