Hitting the final stretch

WE'RE on Week 10 and with only two weeks to go it's a race to the finish line of The Northern Star's Your Slim Chance challenge.

Goonellabah's Greg Holland has lost about 10kg to date and he's right on track with his diet and exercise program.

"I'm going to the gym three or four days a week, walking most days and I even played cricket on Saturday," he said. "I'm that sore and sorry for myself after that though!"

He's also avoided junk foods and has only had three beers in the last 10 weeks.

"Dinners are salad with fish or chicken and I've stayed away from the rubbish.

"I wouldn't mind eating a block of chocolate - but I haven't."

Casino mum Cristy Handcock admits she has fallen prey to temptation and "comfort food" has started sneaking back into her diet. She's finding it tough to get back on the wagon after the school holidays and has let things slide. Come on Cristy! We're all cheering for you!

Leeanne Sanders, also of Goonellabah, keeps on getting fitter and stronger. She's joined the gym and gets out of bed at 5.30am to go there.

"I enjoy getting the body going early in the mornings and since the gym is open 24/7, I can now go whenever I like," she said.

"Eating is still on track. I haven't had any sweet foods, choccies, or lollies since I have been on this journey, even though they have been in the house and hubby has eaten them.

"So a total of 10.5 kilograms of weight loss, which I am thrilled about."

Businesswoman Donna Connolly is also keeping up her fitness and healthy eating program.

"My energy levels are great and I want to eat healthier food," she said.

"I'm making better choices."

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