Hit speeding drivers in the pocket

CLUNES locals, including Garry Johnston, were annoyed when the Roads and Maritime Services switched off a speed camera in their town last year.

The tiny village experienced a high traffic flow and many drivers sped through the town at up to 80kmh, Mr Johnston claimed.

He said many drivers now know the camera is inactive and deliberately speed through it.

A Roads and Maritime spokeswoman said the camera was in "warning mode" and vehicles that speed through it are issued with a "warning letter" but no fine.

Lismore Council recently released safety recommendations to slow drivers down in Clunes and will discuss them at a meeting in Lismore this morning.

The recommendations include increasing signage, painting hatched markings on the road and situating large "entry statements" at both ends of Clunes to notify drivers they are entering a residential area.

However Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell agreed with Mr Johnston and said the speed camera needed to be fully operational.

Cr Dowell said a meeting held last year with community members and the State Government was productive and she believed the Roads and Maritime Services may soon make the camera fully operational.

"I would assume they (Roads and Maritime Services) didn't enter into negotiations with a closed mind," she said.

Mr Johnston said re-activating the camera was the only sure way to slow people down.

"When they come into town there are three speed camera signs. I have phone call after phone call saying where are the signs? It doesn't matter how many signs they put up in town, they're not seeing them," he said.

"Reinstate the camera so they get hit in the pocket and their points," he said.




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