Pacific Highway upgrade
Pacific Highway upgrade

Hinterland Way wins vote as name for old Pacific Hwy

THE old Pacific Hwy between Tintenbar and Ewingsdale will be renamed the Hinterland Way once the new section is opened to traffic.

Roads and Maritime Services conducted a community consultation process with residents along the road.

A Business Signage Strategy Focus group was also formed to discuss ideas for the new name.

At the group's meeting last month, the consensus was for the Hinterland Way.

There was some discussion about the Macadamia Way as an option for the new name for the old highway, but some stakeholders believed it was "too specific".

Ballina Shire councillors voted to support the name Hinterland Way at last week's meeting.

Macadamia Castle owner Tony Gilding was part of the RMS focus group and said it had been a long process but that he was happy with the final outcome.

"Macadamia Way was good, but Hinterland Way seemed to have more universal support," he said.

"We are delighted with the name; it's much better than 'Old Pacific Hwy'.

"The big goal will be to get people off the highway and have a break. People will do that if there is a good reason, and we have plenty of those."

The RMS has said thattourist signs will be installed as the upgrade continues.

Mr Gilding said the road also needed a couple of observation points.

"We need to make sure the RMS signposts the Hinterland Way properly," he said.

The long-awaited $862 million, 17km Tintenbar to Ewingsdale upgrade, which starts at the northern end of the Ballina bypass at Ross Lane and extends to the Ewingsdale interchange, will be completed by the end of 2014, weather permitting.

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