"ME time" is important - but most mums don't get enough of it.

That was the overarching opinion when local mums were asked how important "me time" was for mums, and how much of it they got.

This week Queensland University of Technology Psychology professor Karen Thorpe said rest and 'me-time' protected one's mental health and was vital for parents - especially in the early stages.

"(Me-time) is particularly important for mothers who will be dealing with the physical exhaustion of sleep disruption and breastfeeding," she said.

Lack of sleep also heightens the likelihood of a mother developing postnatal depression, which research shows affects 10-20% of mothers in the early stages of parenthood.

On The Northern Star's Facebook page we asked local mums how many hours a week did they get to themselves, with the consensus being 'not much'.

"None," Jennifer Smith said.

"Absolutely none," Zoy Crizzle said.

"What's that?" Chantilly Lace said.

"None my time out is my drive to work after drop off," Shannon Buckley said.

"Don't have time to have 'me time'," Sarah Crouch said.

We then took to the streets of Lismore to ask local mothers how important me time was: 

"Very important - if you don't look after yourself, you can't look after your kids," Tracey Hodgson said.

"Extremely important - for me it was very often taken in the toilet!" Tracey McLean quipped.

"I think it's important, probably just don't get enough of it," Natasha Gibbins said.

"I think it's very important for us mums, and I think I'm really lucky that I have a good husband that really supports my 'me time'," Jean Martin said.

So there you have it, mummas: You all agree that "me time" is important - so make sure you take some time for yourself! 

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