Help clear carp from local rivers

FISHING can be a sustainable and worthwhile pastime, especially if it's used to help reduce the number of carp in our waterways.

The fifth annual Casino RSM Social Fishing Club Carp Muster is on September 21-22 and it promises to be bigger and better than ever.

"Carp ruin the rivers and eat all the vegetation on the side of the banks," fishing club secretary Di Allen said.

"When floods come through, that means there are no roots to hold the riverbanks together."

Carp is an introduced species into our waterways and can grow up to 5kg.

"Someone may have flushed their goldfish down the toilet and it went from there," fishing club member Di Clarke said with a laugh.

"Last year we had 106 people enter the muster, with 346 fish caught, being a total weight 267.83kg."

Entry fees are adults $20, pensioners $15, school students $10, and fishers can fish anywhere in the Richmond, Wilson and Bungawalbin catchments.

"We have a senior and junior section with first, second, third and mystery prizes up to $3000," Ms Allen said.

Richmond Valley Council will also reward the biggest river devotee in 2013 with a dinner of their choice at a Richmond Valley restaurant.

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