Wet weather to continue.
Wet weather to continue. Marc Stapelberg

Heavy rain could cause flash flooding

Heavy rainfall is expected to continue following the storms that swept across the region on Saturday night.

Owner of North Coast Stormcahers Antonio Parancin said some places received over 100mm overnight.

"I saw reports and pictures of cars being stranded in the water, roads getting cut off, severe flash flooding and overflowing tanks," Mr Parancin said.

Today's weather forecast is expected to be more tamed than yesterday with predicted rainfall of approxiamately 50mm.

"We still do have a moist onshore wind flow however the system that was causing the rain peaked earlier than expected yesterday," Mr Parancin said.

"That doesn't mean we won't see any more rain, it means we will probably see a little more today than yesterday."

"If we get that heavy cell developing we could see a thunderstorm."

"If we do get almost stationary rain bands coming in from the coast and battering an area for hours and hours, flash flooding is very likely."

The northern parts of the Northern Rivers and south east Queensland are predicted to see the worst of it.

"More is expected, it's just a matter of when," Mr Parancin said.

"As the day goes on and heats up a little bit is when we will see more showers forming like yesterday."

"You woke up and it was fairly quite and then as the heating started happening and the wind built up that's when all that crazy stuff started happening."

North Coast Rainfall and River Conditions in the last 24 hours (Bureau of Meteorology):

Rappville: 175mm

Goonengerry: 104mm

Nimbin: 91mm

Byron: 82mm

Ballina: 60mm

Lismore: 54mm

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