Heavy handed tactic not a real good sign

KYOGLE COUNCIL should know you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

The recent heavy handed tactics of one of council’s rangers should be deplored.

In our democracy every Australian has the right to express their opinions without the fear of jackboots marching on their backs.

This rally has become an explosive and emotional issue for numerous reasons and treating people with disrespect and disdain doesn’t help the cause.

Threatening local land owners with heavy fines because they want to protest the rally by putting up sheets on their land is way out of line.

Stirring up the community even more on an issue like this is tantamount to lighting the fuse and waiting for the explosion.

And blow up it will if council and organisers don’t start trying to diffuse the situation.

It was bad form for a council ranger to tell Mal Sanderson he would be fined because his signs were erected without an approved development application.

What nonsense. It is a sheet tied to a couple of trees, not a permanent structure.

And then further inflaming the situation by fining him $200 because his dogs ran out to greet the ranger on the road when he showed up in his quiet rural area.

I would suggest to council to immediately review whoever is advising them on this issue, because obviously these undemocratic tactics are not working. In fact, they are only making matters worse.

Both sides need to work together through mutual respect to ensure this event has a safe and peaceful outcome, protest or not.

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