HEATWAVE: Hot weather set to hit the Northern Rivers

Sunny weather should continue next week.
Sunny weather should continue next week.

NORTHERN Rivers residents are being urged to monitor weather reports and health advice as the state prepares to sizzle over the next week.

Forecaster from the Bureau of Meteorology, Stephen Stafanac, said the weekend the Northern Rivers will see warm to very warm conditions across the district.

"Elsewhere across NSW we are going to have heat wave conditions but they won't quite be reaching the Northern Rivers during the next few days,” Mr Stefanac said.

"Into next week we do start to get some heat wave conditions developing over the Northern Rivers.”

"It will be a low intensity heat wave and that will start from about next Monday onwards.”

Temperatures will reach close to the mid-30s.

Over the next three days, temperatures will reach tops of:

  • Byron Bay: 29C
  • Ballina: 30C
  • Lismore: 33C
  • Casino: 36C
  • Kyogle: 35C

"Closer to the coast there will still be quite a bit of a sea breeze influence,” Mr Stefanac said.

"So, if we take Byron Bay for instance, the temperatures are generally staying in the high 20s there.”

Looking ahead, Mr Stefanac said the low intensity heat wave conditions are likely to continue through till the end of next week.

With that in mind, NSW police want to remind motorists it's not only an offence for children or pets to be left unattended in a vehicle, it can be deadly.

"It can be just as dangerous to leave the elderly and disabled members of the community in cars during days of extreme heat,” a NSW police media spokesman said.

"Tourists, campers and other holidaymakers who are in unfamiliar environments are urged to take extra care, especially when swimming.”

"Every year thousands of people require rescuing from the surf and needlessly drown."

Remember to:

  • Stay well hydrated
  • Avoid alcohol and hot or sugary drinks
  • Limit your physical activity
  • Try to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day
  • Wear light, loose-fitting clothing made from natural fibres like cotton
  • Regularly check your forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology on radio, TV, internet or App
  • Get advice from your doctor about whether your medication and/or your medical conditions may affect what you should do if it gets extremely hot
  • Make sure you know who you are going to call (who may need help, and who could provide help to you if needed); make a list of telephone numbers and make sure they are current.

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