Five Loaves coordinator Lena Willis was devastated to find their food delivery van vandalised on Tuesday morning.
Five Loaves coordinator Lena Willis was devastated to find their food delivery van vandalised on Tuesday morning. Samantha Poate

Heartless vandals wreak havoc on food van

YOU can protect your vehicles from nature but not humans, something the Five Loaves charity group sadly experienced yesterday.

At quarter past eight Tuesday morning, Five Loaves coordinator Lena Willis came to work only to find the van vandalised.

"I was devastated... I realised immediately that we couldn't carry on with our day to day business of helping others," Mrs Willis said.

The driver's seat window of the white Hyundai van was smashed in and the bonnet completely warped, as it looked like someone attempted to pry it open with a pair of pliers.

"I sat down and had a big cry, this is a baby to me," Mrs Willis said.

"I did get emotional but then I got mad."


The van was gifted to the charity group just 18 months ago by a couple from the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

To top it off, the shelter above the van was completed just last week to keep their very special donation guarded from the elements.

"The roof was finished on Friday to protect the car from hail and the bats and all the rest," Mrs Willis said.

"You can protect against nature but not against humans."

Five Loaves is a local Lismore charity founded by Darcy Goodwin in 1986.

The volunteer based group drives around town offering free food to the homeless of Lismore and Nimbin.

The incident is sure to set back the charity group while it undergoes repairs at the local dealership and panel beaters.

"We've got nothing to use in the place of the van, so it obviously means that those who rely on us for food... we just can't do it."

Police have finger printed the car and are now completing investigations to figure out who could be responsible.

"We've got security footage we hope has captured something," Mrs Willis said.

She said she could not comprehend why someone would do this to a charity vehicle.

"I think if someone had any concious they wouldn't of done this in the first place," she said.

"I just pray for them because I feel it's somebody who may have huge problems.

"A normal person wouldn't come along and do that to a charity van, they just wouldn't."

Five Loaves is asking people to come forward if they have any information about what may have happened on Monday night.

"If anyone has seen anything last night, between the hours of 9pm and early this morning, please call the police," Mrs Willis said.

"I'm very disappointed."

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