Woollies heart attack: Doctors used a defibrillator 40 times

IF IT wasn't for the quick thinking actions of strangers, Ed Stubbs wouldn't be alive today.

The 60-year-old suffered a heart attack when he was in the self-serve checkout area at the Inala Woolworths around 5pm on October 5.

"I told two people earlier in the day that I wasn't feeling well," Mr Stubbs said.

"I had gone into Woolworths to get stuff for tea and I just fell. Everything went all black."

Immediately, staff from the store came to his aid. One staff member ran to the nearby doctor surgery to get a defibrillator while another rang Triple Zero.

Customer David Duprat heard a commotion and walked into the checkout area to see Mr Stubbs laying on the floor.

He immediately sprung into action, performing life-saving CPR until the paramedics arrived a few minutes later.

"One of the staff members rolled him onto his side to make sure he didn't have anything blocking his airways," Mr Duprat said.

"The staff member then asked if anyone knew CPR and I just jumped straight in.

"I was working on him and the doctor from the nearby surgery was watching me."

Mr Duprat, who works as an electrician, is required to practise CPR every few months.

Ed Stubbs (left) had a heart attack at the Inala Woolworths store and was helped by quick think store manager Marc Roper (right) and customer David Duprat (left) who administered CPR.
Ed Stubbs (left) had a heart attack at the Inala Woolworths store and was helped by quick think store manager Marc Roper (right) and customer David Duprat (left) who administered CPR. David Nielsen

"This was the first time I have had to perform CPR on a real person," he said.

"If I didn't have any training, it wouldn't have turned out this way.

"It is important for everyone to know CPR."

Mr Stubbs was hit with the defibrillator four times before he was stable enough to be transferred to the Princess Alexandra Hospital where he was placed into an induced coma.

Two short days after the first cardiac arrest, Mr Stubbs took a turn for the worse.

While he was in intensive care, he suffered multiple cardiac arrests over a two hour period. Doctors were required to use a defibrillator a further 40 times.

It was during this time the hospital rang his family to come and say their final goodbyes. Miraculously, he was able to overcome his heart attack as well as pneumonia.

Mr Stubbs was given the opportunity to be reunited with Mr Duprat and Woolworths Inala store manager Marc Roper to personally thank them for saving his life.

Mr Roper said the store had donated a number of grocery items to Mr Stubbs, knowing full well with him being in hospital for a long period of time meant he had no food in the house.

"It was our way of letting him know we were thinking of him," Mr Roper said.

Mr Roper was also kind enough to visit Mr Stubbs while he was in hospital.

He also wanted to thank all the doctors and nurses from the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

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