Heard the one about the dunny and the form guide?

HE was known as the 'Rocket' Rodney Hogg.

But he is often remembered for a Cockney rhyming slang remark Mark Waugh made with a form guide under his arm on the way to the toilet.

Hogg, who is sharing the stage with Doug Walters and David Boon at the Ballina Seagulls sportsmen's dinner on Saturday, was this week happy to answer questions but didn't want to give away the story behind Waugh's potty jibe.

"Most of us do speaking (tours) so we have a few stories that we know the crowd likes, so you run with them," Hogg said.

"I might have a couple but if I tell you, I won't have anything new for the show.

"There are a few people who have ducked off (with the form guide); it doesn't have to be Mark Waugh.

"You're either going for a Brett Lee or a Rodney Hogg."

Hogg, who claimed 123 wickets in 38 Tests (1978 to 1984), said drinking was a common theme at the shows.

"I don't think the whole night will be spent talking about it but we'll certainly cover it," he said.

"I was there when Marshy (Rod Marsh) drank 43. I was on the plane in '81. Forty-three cans on the ground is hard enough but when you're 35,000 feet up, there's only a small group of people on the planet who can do this."

But why are they always cricketers? "Cricketers have a lot of spare time," Hogg said.

"You can't just play cricket 24/7. You've got to find other things to do."

The sportsmen's dinner tomorrow starts at 6pm. Tickets cost $90 and include meal, show, beer and wine for three hours. Phone 6686 8100 or 0410 248 587 for bookings.

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