Headset made for pros

ULTIMATE COMFORT: The Elite Pros are designed for those who spend 10 hours plus a day sniping enemies in Call of Duty.
ULTIMATE COMFORT: The Elite Pros are designed for those who spend 10 hours plus a day sniping enemies in Call of Duty.

TURTLE Beach have upped their game with a set of headphones you'll want on your head whether you're a professional gamer or not.

So, just how good are they?

What are they?

Only the most comfortable set of gaming headphones you could possibly ask to wear. Turtle Beach are known for making quality products for gamers, but they've outdone themselves with this, the Elite Pro Gaming Headset.

They're designed for professional gamers, and I'm definitely not one of those, but I loved every second with my Elite Pros.

What do they do?

They make lengthy gaming sessions a breeze. The Elite Pros are designed for those who spend 10 hours plus a day sniping enemies in Call of Duty sessions being beamed around the world.

So they're incredibly comfortable, with a leather strap that sits across your head, and AeroFit Ear Cushions containing memory foam that snap snugly around your ears. They won't leave your lobes feeling tender and sore, even if you're wearing glasses.

How do they work?

They're pretty simple - just plug them into your PlayStation, adjust the multiple fit options to your desire, and press play. You can then forget about them - the cooling gel in the ComforTec Fit System will do the rest for you.

But if you want to up your options, you can plug in the mic that comes in the box and add the Tactical Audio Controller (purchased separately) into the mix.

They'll let you adjust different audio levels for speech and background noise. Even if you're not a professional gamer, all those knobs and dials will make you feel like a professional sound engineer.

Should I get them?

If you're planning to spend your Christmas holidays catching up on recent first-person shooters like Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1, then it's a no-brainer. These don't cling to your head like other cheaper, badly designed headsets.

In fact, over several hours-long sessions using the Elite Pros, I forgot I was wearing them. As for the audio, it's delivered sharp and crisp - exactly what you want when you're sneaking through enemy lines armed only with a pistol on Battlefield 1. They're great with horror games too.

During an Until Dawn session creeping down a creaky walkway, I nearly lost it when a freak burst from the wall.


The Elite Pro is also compatible with both XBox and Playstation 4 by way of separately purchased adapters.

Okay, so how much do they cost?

Headphones this good don't come cheap. The Elite Pro Headphones weigh in around the $349 mark, while the Tactical Audio controller comes in at $315.

For comfort like this, it's worth it.

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