Troy Guenther
Troy Guenther Wayne Reed

Speedster's potential underlined by historic win in NZ

THE path from Australia to the fame and riches on offer in MotoGP was cleared by Wayne Gardner and Mick Doohan and followed by Casey Stoner, who went on to win two world titles.

Now Woodford teen sensation Troy Guenther is aiming to follow the route.

The 14-year-old created history last weekend when he became the youngest rider to be crowned New Zealand 125GP champion.

In an eye-catching performance against older riders, he secured the title with two races remaining.

His nearest rival was a staggering 125 points in arrears in the five-round championship, with Guenther winning 12 of the 15 races on a Honda RS125.

Despite his age, Guenther was unsurprised he won the series.

"I believed in my ability and that I could win the series if I was consistent," he said.

The non-factory rider plans to carry that winning momentum into the upcoming Australian Superbike Championship, where he aims to make his series debut in the Superlite class.

However, there is a possibility he will be excluded from the two New South Wales rounds of the championship in August because the law in that state prohibits riders aged under 16 from competing in road racing.

The Guenther family hopes the legislation will be changed to allow younger riders to compete.

Like in NZ, Guenther aims to win the championship, but he does not believe that will be possible if Eastern Creek is off the menu.

Ideally, he would like to race overseas, pointing out that Stoner was 14 when he and his parents moved to England because the legal age for road racing there was 14.

The highly competitive Spanish racing scene is particularly appealing to Guenther.

"We're looking for overseas opportunities right now," he said.

"I'd want to go overseas even more if I can't race in the full series in Australia … a lot of people get to Moto3 or MotoGP by racing in Spain.

"That's where you get recognition. That's where the teams are watching. Unfortunately, they're not really watching in Australia."

Troy, who is doing Year 10 via distance education, has one major ambition.

"My ultimate goal is to be MotoGP champion," he said.

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