Have you deleted Pokemon Go yet?

Fast facts

  • Pokemon Go has overtaken Tinder as the most popular mobile application.
  • The average user spends 43 minutes and 23 seconds a day playing the game.


Are you still playing Pokemon Go?

The app captivated the world after in launched in July this year sending mobile phone users into a frenzy worldwide.

The game did cause some legal headaches for users, even police issued warnings about playing while driving.

Mt Isa police also warned that players can be charged with trespassing if they enter schools to catch Pokemon.

Two men trying to collect virtual reality Pokémon Go characters in the popular smartphone game reportedly had to be rescued after falling off a cliff in Encinitas, San Diego.

But more recently if social media is anything to go by it seems some are over the hype and have deleted the app.

While others said they still have the app but they've stopped playing it.

Where people found Pokemon in Mackay

Caneland to Bluewater Quay:

This section of the Bluewater Trail features multiple points where mostly water Pokemon can be found and caught, with fairly regular respawn times. The area also includes a popular Gym where teams can battle and train.

Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens:

With three Gyms in the area, as well as multiple areas to catch a range of different Pokemon around the South Sea Islander Precinct, it's worthwhile spending an afternoon here. The Lagoons Cafe and Gallery being right there is just an added bonus.

The Gooseponds:

Feel like taking your dog for a walk, but also want to grab some Pokemon at the same time? Then make sure you head to the Gooseponds Dog Park where multiple spawning locations have been reported, as well as a Gym location at the corner of Willis and Malcomson streets.


If you feel like getting out of town a bit, make a quick dash to Marian where there are multiple spots along the Pioneer River to catch 'em all (at least what's available anyway), as well as a Gym based at Lloyd Park.

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