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Hasil's wife 'sets record straight'

THIS is the second part of a letter sent by the third wife of Dr Roman Hasil, Lismore woman Sally Hasil, which responds to a letter sent by Roman Hasil's sister, Anna Bzdusek from Slovakia, and published in The Northern Star on October 1:

AGAIN from sister Anna's letter: “After 12 years of marriage Mrs Hasil robbed him, he is homeless, he can't show his face anywhere ...” Mrs Hasil robbed him?

A very bold and broad statement which accuses Roman Hasil's wife of not only a criminal act punishable severely by law, but of a heinous betrayal of marriage vows - the act of a woman who violates the most basic article of human trust.

Anna, being Roman Hasil's sister, can say she has been led to believe this by her brother. But it is one thing for Anna to put her innermost thoughts, right or wrong, in a letter to The Northern Star, it is another thing altogether for The Northern Star to publish the allegation.

But The Northern Star did publish this utterly unsubstantiated calumny - and at the date of writing this, has done absolutely nothing to redress this barefaced calling of a citizen of good standing in their community of Lismore a robber.

This situation now lies in the court of The Northern Star.

I turn now to editor Sue Short's 'Our View, published on October 1. Sue Short asserts: “In her passionate plea she (Anna) says Dr Hasil is a loving father who looked after his wife, a woman who turned on him ...” Looked after his wife and she turned on him? Again, not what Anna Hasil says, but a reflection of what Sue Short thinks Anna is trying to say.

(This comment was taken from Anna Bzdusek's original letter and is not what Sue Short thinks, but was referring to what Dr Hasil's sister had said in her letter - editor.)

Either way, let the facts speak. This 'loving father' has rejected or aborted repeated arrangements for him to visit his children. In the times when he has not actually lived under his family roof with these children- this runs into years - he has only kept a tiny handful of oft-repeated solemn promises to see them.

All this time, his wife has made excuses to understandably confused and fretting little kids for his no-shows and neglect. His contribution to their upkeep for the past few years has been a Government-enforced family welfare payment of $24 a month.

The children have been housed, fed, clothed and properly schooled, all by courtesy of his dreadful wife, friends and wider family - but mainly through the unrelenting application of his wife, who has successfully pursued a new career and undertaken higher education herself to make sure that in time the family has the soundest possible future .

Far from turning on Roman Hasil, his wife maintained a family home to which he returned unrepentant and still smelling of another's boudoir time after time, until the absolute bankruptcy of the relationship and its corrosion of mind, spirit and children became so untenable she filed for divorce. This blessed legal separation from a man not worthy of the title takes effect permanently within a month.

I, Sally Hasil, could say much, much more, but I believe this should at least begin to set the record straight in my home city of Lismore about their one-time doctor at Lismore Base Hospital, Dr Roman Hasil.

Regretfully, as the court cases keep rolling on and the claims mount from others who also have been unfortunate victims of this man, I and my children have to brace for a lot more of the misery we already have had to cope with.

We are prepared for this. What we will resist and fight is ill-informed efforts to paint Roman Hasil as some kind of helpless, disadvantaged and downtrodden victim, without paying full and genuine attention to the many - and increasing - numbers of women and children, mainly babies, who are the true victims.

Thank you.

Correction: In The Northern Star yesterday, it was reported Sally Hasil had told police Dr Hasil had been acting bizarrely at the time of the young woman's murder. This is not correct.

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