Hasil still not struck off

CONNIE Scholl will have to wait until October 17 to find out if disgraced former Lismore Base hospital obstetrician Roman Hasil is struck off from practising medicine by the NSW Medical Tribunal.

The Casino woman who was abused by Hasil in 2002 while he was stitching her after giving birth, said he was a predator who should never be allowed to practise again.

She said since Hasil abused her, called her "horse woman" and told midwives to "stirrup the bitch", her life hasn't been the same.

"I very rarely go to a doctor and my kids have to be nearly dying before I take them to the doctor; I just don't feel safe," she said.

"There are women out there who will never enjoy a normal sex life again because of what Hasil did to them and haven't emotionally recovered and I'm one of them."

Evidence to the NSW Medical Tribunal on Wednesday alleged he rang the Sydney Private Hospital on June 21, offering himself for work.

The tribunal heard Hasil allegedly spoke to Peter Dess, then head of nursing at the hospital, which specialises in gynecological surgery.

"He said that he was available to do a large amount of surgical work," Mr Dess said in a statement to the Health Care Complaints Commission, which brought the case against Hasil.

In February Hasil was found fit to practise by the tribunal despite behaviour that included drink-driving and downing a beer six-pack in a hospital car park.

After he failed to appear the tribunal rescheduled the hearing into Hasil's future as a doctor to October 17.

If he again fails to appear, the hearing, which could see him struck off from practising as a doctor, will proceed without him.

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