Dr Roman Hasil.
Dr Roman Hasil. The Northern Star

Hasil prime suspect in murder case

DR ROMAN HASIL had been a prime suspect in the vicious murder of a 20-year-old Italian backpacker at a Tasmanian beach on October 11, 1995.

Detective Inspector Michael Otley, of Launceston police, confirmed Dr Hasil had been in their sights for the murder of Victoria Cafasso.

Dr Hasil, a former Lismore obstetrician, is currently being investigated by the Health Care Complaints Commission after multiple North Coast women lodged complaints of various incidents of misconduct.

The young woman who was murdered was holidaying at Beaumaris Beach, about six kilometres from the doctor's St Helens home.

Some time between 10am and 1.30pm, Ms Cafasso was stabbed to death while sunbaking on the beach. Her body had 20 stab wounds.

Dr Hasil came under suspicion for her murder two years later when locals reported him behaving suspiciously in the village of Beaumaris, Det Insp Otley said.

“He was sneaking around the village,” he said.

“He had also hired a car on the day she was murdered.”

The doctor's former wife, Sally Hasil, had told police he had been behaving bizarrely at the time of the young woman's murder.

Det Insp Oatley said Dr Hasil was eliminated as a prime suspect, but the crime remained unsolved.

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