Dr Roman Hasil.
Dr Roman Hasil. The Northern Star

Hasil apologises for hurt caused

A REPORT released earlier this year by a New Zealand inquiry in to former Lismore doctor Roman Hasil found he had 'a chequered work and medical registration history' and had performed sterilisation procedures without 'reasonable care and skill'.

Dr Hasil worked as an obstetrician at Lismore Base Hospital from 2001 to 2005. He later went to New Zealand's Wanganui Hospital and was accused of botching a series of sterilisation procedures.

Since then numerous women have come forward to make complaints about their treatment by Dr Hasil at the Lismore Base Hospital.

Dr Hasil has responded to a list of questions The Northern Star emailed him. This is his response, exactly as he wrote it:

Why did you come to Australia?

To study English and I met Rose, fall in love with her (perhaps I was too alone and far-far away from home) as well.

Can you defend allegations made against you?

Who is working day and night, can make sometime few people be not fully happy and satisfied with his performance. Only who does nothing are always perfect.

When did things begin to go wrong with your career?

It became straight after the allegation from NZ. The main difficulty started when my marriage went on the rocks. This unfortunately can happen to anybody. In spite of very difficult working conditions in NZ I did my best and was happy with the results in such a situation. Failed sterilisation and their causes the commissioner and I analysed in the according report. What has had surprise me is the number of sterilisations.

How much has your drinking/alcoholism had to do with what has happened to you?

I am media-made alcoholic - two admitted NZ episodes were over exadurated by media and not report correctly as well.

Is there anything you would like to say to the patients who claim you have hurt them?

I am very sorry for all the women who, for some reason, do not want or cannot have children and in spite of that (due to my mistake) delivered a baby. I do believe these children will bring them a lot of happiness in their life. There was no any malicious or other intentions. I do not like damaged children or women after delivery. My top priority was - a happy mum, happy baby and a little happy us - health workers (midwifes, doctors) - who helped.

What is life like now?

Who is watching TVNZ for sure will know my current address. To become the 'wolf's head' means that a lot of your friends turn away. The 'support' of my ex-wife is generally known. I try and have to do not become 'totally crazy' or commit something unwise. I have children. Fortunately there is justice: law and common sense that will prevail.

What is your current state of mental health?

I am in specialist care. No one can withstand such unfair media frenzy unscathed. Not to mention the 'help' of my former wife to media. This hurts a lot. My prognoses are optimistic. I am on medication, but in same breath I am not denying any responsibility for my actions.

What will you do next?

Prove to the public that I am an honest and truthful man and professional. I have two beautiful sons I adore and love. I will work on their happy future and will do everything that they will be proud of they dad.

Would you like to return to practising as a doctor?

Of course. I am not worse than my colleagues. In case of some injustice I will be prevented to continue in my profession, the life continues. And brings new beautiful chances.

Is there anything further you would like to add?

I am stressing again - if somebody feels be hurt by my well meant actions, please, here my sincere apologies again and again. It was never my intention in it. However I did not deserved the world wide unjustified 'lynch'. I assisted to many women and children in their difficult times and many of them are now my supporters. I am sad: perhaps I was on wrong spot in wrong time. Who knows? But if something good will be out of this for benefit of all Australians people and the straggling health system, that is what matters. I am only the symptom, not the cause of difficulties in our health care.

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