Your Story: Has society lost its basic manners?

WHAT a selfish lot the human race are turning into.

Today, I went to my child's school's End Of Year Presentation Day.

It was jammed packed with parents, hundreds and hundreds of them, all eager to see their child receive their hard earned award.

I am disappointed to say that the crowd started thinning dramatically at about the half way point; parents and grandparents who had seen their children's achievement, just stood up, regardless of who was speaking or what was happening, and just left.

When were we taught that this type of behaviour is okay?

By getting up and leaving in the midst of an official event what are you teaching your children?

That if you get bored, it's okay to say "stuff it, I'm outta here"?!?

That nobody else is just as important as you?

If someone is making a speech, it's acceptable to just walk out?

What is it teaching your kids about seeing things through until the end?

What does it teach your kids about basic manners and respect?

By the end of the presentation, there may have been about one fifth of the parents left.


Any parent who complains about their kids and this "me" generation best take a hard look at themselves first and see what their actions are telling their kids it's okay to do.

I understand some of the parents might have needed to get back to work but by the way most of them were dressed it was obviously clear they were more concerned about their next coffee or cigarette break than expressing respect at a time that richly deserved it.

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