Pauline Hanson's urgent plea to save 8-year-old Suli

HAPPY KID: Suli on Thursday morning. Provided she has her dose of cannabis oil every 6 hours, Suli's dad said she's just like any normal kid.
HAPPY KID: Suli on Thursday morning. Provided she has her dose of cannabis oil every 6 hours, Suli's dad said she's just like any normal kid. Contributed

ONE Nation leader Pauline Hanson says she is aware of several cases on the Sunshine Coast in which parents of children suffering seizures have been left without access to medicinal cannabis. 

Ms Hanson spoke to Australian Regional Media as she issued an urgent plea to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for an amnesty to be granted to people supplying the products to their children. 

"I can just imagine how this would feel if it was my own child," Ms Hanson said.

"What I have been told is that there was a raid on a house and about 200 people were relying on the medicinal cannabis that was being held there."

During the week the Sunshine Coast Daily highlighted the plight of eight-year-old Suli Peek as her father said crackdown on medical marijuana by South Australian authorities may ultimately cost his daughter her life.

Ms Hanson said the raid meant several parents who were relying on the products were now left urgently short of supply. 

"This has been brought to my attention, now, I have asked the Prime Minster, not in a conversation but in a text to him yesterday to please look at an amnesty for these people so they can still access this medicinal cannabis," Ms Hanson said.  

When asked if legalising medicinal cannabis presented difficult questions in terms of Australian criminal laws Ms Hanson said such arguments ignored existing exemptions.

"You tell me what is the difference when we allow shooting-up galleries where we allow people to take hard drugs?" she asked.

"We say here is a clean needle, you can get yourself out of your brain.

"Or we say here take your illegal drugs when in some cases women are destroying the foetus but at the same time we're saying this isn't okay.

"I just hope common sense prevails."

The office of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been contacted for comment. 

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