Corey Barker.
Corey Barker. Rodney Stevens

Greens want watchdog to latch on

POLITICAL pressure has been put on the Police Integrity Commission investigation of police who bashed an Indigenous man at Ballina Police Station.

Corey Barker was bashed by a group of officers after he was arrested by police on January 14 last year.

The NSW Police Integrity Commission yesterday announced it had launched an investigation of Senior Constables David Hill and Ryan Eckersley and Constable Lee Walmsley over the assault.

"The PIC has commenced an investigation into the suspected misconduct of the officers which arises from the judgment including assault, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, perjury, and tampering with evidence," a letter sent to Magistrate David Heilpern stated.

Yesterday NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge called for incidents such as the one involving Corey Barker to be fully investigated immediately by the PIC.

"When a magistrate finds police officers have engaged in serious misconduct, the law should compel the police watchdog to undertake a thorough and complete investigation," he said.

"This must not be discretionary.

"In this case, PIC is determining whether or not to undertake a full blown inquiry. "The Greens are calling on the O'Farrell Government to ensure that when courts make findings of serious misconduct, this triggers an automatic investigation."

A spokeswoman for the PIC said the commission was following standard procedures and was currently assessing the complaint and giving it serious consideration.

Outside the court on Thursday Mr Barker said he would like an apology from the officers involved.

"Eye contact and an apology," is what he asked for.

"They can't even look at me.

"When the case first started they were staring me down on the stand, now they can't even walk past and look at me.

"I'd love for an apology and for them to say they're wrong."

Mr Barker said he was undecided whether he would pursue civil action for compensation against the police.

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