How sports gambler took $106,000 from employer

GREED was what motivated an Ipswich grocery store worker to steal more than $106,000 from his employer to feed a "particularly seductive" sports gambling habit.

It took Joshua Daniel Condon close to a year to "breach the trust" placed in his role and reverse transactions to take the money from cash registers.

His addiction started during the Soccer World Cup in 2014 when he placed a $50 bet and was awarded a $50 bonus bet.

"From that small start it became compulsive," defence lawyer Timothy Ryan said in sentencing in Ipswich District Court this morning.

Condon, 21, developed a daily gambling habit and spent $90,000 of the stolen money betting on football and American basketball.

It was a habit which saw him jailed.

"He spent all his wages on gambling and has nothing to show for that vast bulk of money he has spent," Mr Ryan said.

"It was his immaturity that meant he was unable to step back and seek assistance.

"He was all consumed by his gambling."

Condon was responsible for "large and regular" transaction reversals for a one year period beginning when he was 19 which saw him pocket a total of more than $106,000.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren said the offending demonstrated Condon's youth and immaturity.

"It was repeated and in the face of an inability to control your compulsion.

"It was a systematic breach of trust and it only came to an end because you were caught," Judge Horneman-Wren said.

"It was quite obvious you stole to fund a gambling compulsion.

"At the end of the day greed is the motivation for stealing."

Condon pleaded guilty to one count of stealing as a servant and was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

He will be released on parole in February next year.

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