A great weekend read

Weekend cover
Weekend cover

HERE'S a riddle for you… what do George Clooney, John Williamson and George Negus have in common? They're all in this week's Weekend. It's another bumper issue and it's only available in the print and epaper editions of tomorrow's Weekend Star.

We have everything artistic covered with the full program for this weekend's first ever Boomerang Festival, a sneak peak at The Wizard of Oz, the outrageous new production headed to Lismore, and a regional arts wrap from Arts Northern Rivers.

We check out a diverse bunch of movies from George Clooney and Sandra Bullock's latest flick Gravity, to Palace Cinema's divine Turandot, to Another Woman's Life (about a woman who has forgotten the past 12 years of her life). We also have cd reviews, latest release books and DVDs.

What's a weekend for if not eating, and whether you prefer to cook yourself or have someone else do it for you, we have something for everyone.

Our exclusive Weekend Cook Maggie Cooper whips up, among other things, a crème brulee (no, we don't get to test them in the office, more's the pity). We also bring you details of a fabulous foodie event that you won't want to miss.

And if your head is swimming with how fast the year is flying by, brace yourself for Tracey Hordern's Style page - yes it's swimsuit season again - and no matter what your size or shape, there's a swimsuit out there for you, and the good news is, they're affordable.

If you like sneaking a peak in other people's homes you'll love this week's Homestyle: Liz Friend and Ron Curran take us inside their eco-friendly and oh-so-chic cottage at the foot of Mount Chincogan.

Maree teaches us everything we need to know about that Northern River's favourite the bougainvillea, and we take you to national and international destinations in our travel section.

And what weekend would be complete without our columnists Ann Rickard, Digby Hildreth and, filling in for Helen Hawkes (who is still gallivanting around Canada somewhere) is Damian Bathersby?

Oh and don't forget to test your brain power with our Weekend quiz and crossword. 

Wind blows fires close to buildings

Wind blows fires close to buildings

"Wind started to pick up and brought it close in and around a few sheds”

Heartbreak of farmer working for $2.46 an hour

Heartbreak of farmer working for $2.46 an hour

Somehow this man is earning just a fraction of the minimum wage.

Terrifying break-ins have residents on edge

premium_icon Terrifying break-ins have residents on edge

"He left female underwear behind and also left blood in our sink"

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