Great Scot! Biker to hit Aussie roads for drug affected mums

Scottish biker Gordon Cruden is set to hit the roads of Australia
Scottish biker Gordon Cruden is set to hit the roads of Australia

BIKER Gordon Cruden is set to hit the roads of Australia for a major month-long fundraising challenge.

On October 5,  the Scotsman will set out on the Australian Motorbike Challenge, circumnavigating Australia over the course of 30 days to raise money for Teen Challenge.

The initiative will see Cruden clock up around 20,000kms on a Harley Davidson.

He is hoping to raise the final funds to purchase Benaiah - a addiction recovery home for women - which is located near Mintlaw in the north of Scotland.

Cruden and his team launched the 'Buy Benaiah' campaign two years ago to raise  $880,000 to buy the residential centre.

This facility will allow mothers to continue living with their children while they complete the recovery programme.

The purchase of the property would mean the centre could continue to provide females with residential support on a permanent basis and help many more women break free from the horrors of addiction to live clean, free lives.

Cruden has completed many challenges to raise awareness in the addiction/homeless area for women - these include the 2015 Euro Bike Challenge, the Hungry and Homeless Challenge and the 2016 American Motorbike Challenge (which Cruden rode his motorcycle in all 50 states of the USA in just 30 days.

He and his supporters have so far managed to raise a total of $800,000 -  92% of the targeted amount.

Scottish biker Gordon Cruden
Scottish biker Gordon Cruden

Gordon will be encouraged throughout the Australian Motorbike Challenge by the members of Christian Motorcycle Club, God's Squad.

God Squad is a global organisation, which was founded in Australia in the late 1960s - it reaches out to the outlaw biker community, helping those on the fringes of society - members of the club will ride with Cruden who is a member of the UK chapter on various stages of the 'Australian Motor Cycle Challenge'.

Whilst on the road, Gordon will visit Teen Challenge centres which internationally has more than 1,000 facilities in over 100 countries.

"The Australian Motorbike Challenge is the final fundraising challenge of our Buy Benaiah initiative and what a way to cap the campaign,'' Cruden said.

"Every day I'll will ride around 800 kms... it'll be tough, although it's great to have the support of God's Squad and Teen Challenge to make this a success - both do exceptional work helping the lost, broken and marginalised, which is ultimately what the Australian Motorbike Challenge is all about.

"Buying Benaiah and giving many more women the opportunity to break free from their addictions - we feel this challenge will bring us over the finishing line for our fundraising so I am excited about touching down in Australia in October, hitting the roads, meeting the great people of Australia - and buying Benaiah."

To donate to the Buy Benaiah campaign, visit:

For further information on Teen Challenge North East Scotland, please visit

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