Daniele Voinot-Sledge, of Lillian Rock.
Daniele Voinot-Sledge, of Lillian Rock.

Grandmother charged over rally graffiti

LILLIAN ROCK grandmother Daniele Voinot-Sledge, 62, has received a notice to appear in court, accused of vandalising a section of Kyogle Road with anti-Repco Rally graffiti.

Mrs Voinot-Sledge is the wife of former Democrats Richmond candidate Scott Sledge, who appeared in court for the same matter in October where he declared his intention to fight the charges.

The couple will now appear together at Murwillumbah Court on Wednesday, November 18.

However, Mrs Voinot-Sledge has warned the attempt to convict her may backfire on rally organisers.

“Me being charged will galvanise people to continue to fight the rally,” she said.

And while Mrs Voinot-Sledge is planning her defence against the charges, police have yet to charge anyone in regard to the disruption of the Byrrill Creek section of the rally where it was reported protesters had thrown rocks at rally cars and put large rocks and logs on the road.

Superintendent Michael Kenny, Local Area Commander of the Tweed-Byron Police, said there was direct evidence of rocks and logs being placed on the rally route, but not of rock throwing.

“The reports of rock throwing came from an official,” Supt Kenny said.

Police investigations into the matter were continuing.

Police have been criticised by anti-rally protesters for not charging rally drivers for traffic infringements they allege were committed while driving between rally stages.

However, Supt Kenny defended the decision saying drivers who illegally over took cars had been provoked by anti-rally protesters.

The protesters admit they attempted to obstruct the rally by driving in a slow convoy along Kyogle Road.

One convoy member was fined for driving at speeds of between 20 and 30km per hour.

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