Gramps hits boy for kicking rocks

A BOOZING Ballina grandfather, who punched his young grandson in the stomach, has been placed on a three-year good behaviour bond.

The grandfather, a disability pensioner aged 58, pleaded guilty to assaulting his 12-year-old grandson in Lismore on March 16 outside a refuge while the youngster was in his care.

Magistrate Robyn Denes described the grandfather’s treatment of the youngster as ‘abysmal’

When asked by Ms Denes why the youngster had not been at school that day, the grandfather’s defence lawyer said there had been a problem with the boy, ‘a suggestion he had taken a knife to school a couple of weeks before’.

Ms Denes said the grandfather on the way to the refuge (where the pair was heading to meet an aunt), had stopped at a bottle shop, making a conscious decision to get drunk.

The lawyer replied his client could not argue with that and his judgement ‘was clouded by alcohol’.

Police facts state the child became bored before kicking some rocks across the road.

His grandfather became angry, yelling obscenities before grabbing the child and punching him in his stomach.

He grabbed his grandson and pulled the 12-year-old over, onto a pile of gravel.

When spoken to later by police the grandfather said, ‘Yeah I did it. He deserved it’.

Ms Denes said the grandfather’s behaviour was sending the child mixed messages, with children very quick to pick up on hypocrisy.

She said how the man lived his life was his business but he should not drag a child into it.

“It is not okay to punch people when things don’t go your way,” Ms Denes said.

“The way you conducted yourself was abysmal.”

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