Graffiti vandals to lose driving rights

YOUNG vandals responsible for graffiti on the streets of NSW will be brought before the courts and stripped of their driving rights under tough new legislation passed in State Parliament this week.

On-the-spot fines will be a thing of the past and criminal convictions will be recorded against teenage graffiti artists as of next month.

Judges also will have the power to deduct driver's licence demerit point and extend the period of time the offender must remain on their learner or provisional licence.

NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith said the reforms were "substantially stronger" than any deterrent introduced in parliamentary history.

He said vandals needed to be aware if they damaged public or private property there would be consequences and their parents and friends would be inconvenienced by wasted time in court and hefty legal fees.

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'Consider your fire plan': residents told to be prepared

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