YOUNG: Australian comedian and Youtube star Josh Wade.
YOUNG: Australian comedian and Youtube star Josh Wade.

Goodbye Cunny, hello Josh

JOSH Wade became a viral sensation first at the age of 13 from his Townsville home, hitting online gold at the beginning of 2013 with the release of his sketch Shit Aussies Say and hugely popular street interviews in his series Aussie Opinion.

But it was hit character Cunny that made him a household name, so Wade is bringing his latest show Me, Myself and Cunny to Lismore.

Despite the obvious comedy in the character, Wade admits there is much of him in Cunny.

"I'm pretty well known online for Cunny, who I define as 'a new bogan', a bogan of 2017," he said.

"This show is wrapping up this character, I have been playing Cunny for three or four years and he is the reason why I am doing this, so this show is about his life and how it connects to my life.

"He lives inside of me I think, he is everything that I could have been.

"It's the story of my life played by two people."

Josh Wade said Cunny comes from himself, but it's a mask he created for himself during his teen years.

"I didn't necessarily fit in Townsville with the blokey football or becoming a tradey, so for me Cunny was a mask to fit in," he said.

"I became so good at it I realised this was a character, I created back story for him, and it became a Frankenstein of different people that I met growing up in Townsville, so I was able to fit in until I moved away."




The artist thinks Cunny became an online sensation because he is relatable.

"We all have our own Cunny in our lives, we all know someone like him."

As this is Cunny's final show, this is fans' last ever chance to see him live or online.

"I feel like I'm beating a dead horse and the joke is not funny for me anymore, so this is a farewell tour," he said.

Josh Wade is hoping to move his career into new and very different endeavours.

"I have a new podcast called Cunspiracy where I interview people, last time I interviewed an ice addict," he said.

"It's a mix of Oprah and Ellen, we have serious stuff but then we have celebrities too.

"I also just finished doing a documentary about the Nimbin Mardi Grass, so I am hoping to do something like Louie Theroux but a bit funnier."

  • At Lismore City Hall, Lismore, on Saturday, September 16 from 7.30pm. All ages. For details visit

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