Samson Challenge team member Jason Clarke.
Samson Challenge team member Jason Clarke.

Time to get fit and strong - the Samson Challenge is coming

DUST off your gym gear and get training - the annual Samson Challenge fundraiser for Our Kids is only a month away.

A test of endurance and stamina, the nine-leg event will be held at Hepburn Park, Goonellabah, and the Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre on Saturday, March 7.

Personal trainer and regular Samson Challenge entrant Jason Clarke said it wasn't too late to enter and start training.

"Because there are nine different legs in the Samson you have to have a moderate amount of strength and endurance to be able to scale the monkey bars, push the prowler, flip tyres and use the rowing machine," he said.

Jason's five tips for the Samson Challenge:

  1. Do high- intensity interval training
  2. Train specifically for the event using - for example - tyres and a rowing machine if possible
  3. Do some body weight exercises - for example, push ups, burpees, chin ups
  4. Doing 3-5km runs and interval lap swimming will prepare you
  5. Get your team together to train

High intensity interval training, he said, was a fantastic way of building up a moderate amount of strength.

"Combining four-five different exercises in a circuit and doing a circuit of three to five rounds has been found to be the best way to build your conditioning and strength," he said.

"Agility runs and rowing are great exercises as well as general upper body exercises like push-ups, chin-ups and scaling the monkey bars."

He added entrants don't need to be overly fit because of the event's team format.

"A lot of the events are done in relay fashion so there are plenty of gaps in between to rest and catch your breath," Mr Clarke said.

"If you pick three or four team mates who are at the same fitness level as you (and) go through as a team (then) it doesn't matter where you finish as long as you stay together."

Our Kids fundraising coordinator Rebekka Battista said the Samson Challenge allowed competitors to test their fitness level while also raising money.

She said the aim of this year's event was to raise $20,000 for a new baby monitor at the Lismore Base Hospital.

"The monitor reads the vital signs of new born babies and helps the medical staff give the best care to our little ones," she said.

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