Golfing tips to get the body swinging

THE game of golf is pragmatic and technical, so beginners are encouraged to seek guidance from a golfing professional in order to set themselves up for success.

Enrolling in a starter program, one-on-one individual lessons or amateur group sessions are an ideal way to begin and your local driving range is the perfect spot to learn the basics.

The main objective for a beginner is to master their swing by generating speed in the head of the club in order to propel the ball. It is not so much about 'hitting' the ball, but controlling a smooth, rhythmical swing.

Here are some basics tips to get you in full swing:


A good grip is extremely important. The hands should be placed close together and be used to grip the club lightly. There are two recommended grip methods. Beginners usually choose to start with the 10-finger grip, but as your game improves you may like to opt for the overlapping grip which is used by most professional players.


To ensure the ball travels in the right direction, you need to align your whole body, including your feet, knees, hips and shoulders, parallel to the target.


A good stance is essential to ensuring a good swing. Spread your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly, make sure that you bend forward from the waist so that your arms hang down and spread your weight evenly across both feet.


Position your feet with the ball level with the inside of your front foot.


Use a wood or long iron to gain maximum distance.


A pitch shot is when the ball is hit high into the air with the aim to have it stop close to its target.


Chipping involves playing a short shot where the ball lifts a little off the ground then runs along the ground for some distance.


Bunker or sand shots may use all the different swing lengths and techniques dependant on how close the bunker is to the green.


Putting is a special skill used on the green to roll the ball into the hole. The putting stroke is a mini-swing using the arms and shoulders with no body or wrist action.

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