“It’s the worst I’ve ever seen,” one spectator said of the brawl.
“It’s the worst I’ve ever seen,” one spectator said of the brawl.

Disgraceful! Cricket match brawl 'worse than Origin biff'

AN ALL-IN brawl at a B-grade cricket match on the weekend has been described as "worse than any State of Origin" fisticuffs.

The incident occurred about 5pm on Saturday, close to the end of the two-day Cooroy-Eumundi versus Maleny match at Cooroy's Mary River Rd oval.

The brawl, which reportedly lasted about 15 minutes, involved on-field members of the Cooroy-Eumundi team, plus members of the Maleny batting side and at least one spectator who had jumped the fence.

Another spectator said some of the players were left bloodied and bruised, while women and children watching the melee had become distraught and teary.

A post later put on the Cooroy-Eumundi Cricket Club Facebook page asked senior cricketers: "Please do not comment on the game at home today on social media. Would all players make themselves available to discuss the situation."

The spectator - a retired cricketer who wanted to remain anonymous - said the umpire had been forced to abandon the match.

"The umpire himself had no chance of breaking it up on his own," the man said.

"He was completely outnumbered. He called the game off, hoping they'd go home. It was worse than any State of Origin brawl I've ever seen in my life."

The spectator said he had been disgusted by the incident.

"It's the worst I've ever seen," he said.

"When there's younger kids involved (in the game) and they see 40- to 50-year-old blokes carrying on like that, it's not good.

"It's bloody disgraceful.

"I called in late in the afternoon looking for a mate of mine and he wasn't there ... then it all happened.

"One bloke chased another bloke up through the clubhouse."

He believed the early catalyst for the brawl had been the umpire giving not out to a Maleny batsman.

"One of the batsmen was given not out for caught behind and the fielding team (Cooroy) abused the hell out of him for being a cheat and not walking," the man said.

The spectator watched as niggling continued between players for a few overs before one of the Maleny batsmen was caught out and was making his way to the clubhouse.

The slanging match continued before one shove led to another.

"Next thing, punches were thrown," the spectator said.

The Sunshine Coast Cricket Association will likely hold an investigative hearing on Thursday before any charges can be laid.

"If it is true, it's disappointing because it's not in the spirit of cricket," organisation spokesman Pat Drew said.

"The association takes very seriously any implication of violence and that a person from outside of the game came on to the field.

"If this is determined to be true, then the conduct committee will penalise the person(s).

"It (a fight at a cricket game) is very rare. There was one last year.

"If found guilty, precedence suggests an immediate 12-month suspension would be appropriate and that possible penalties amount up to a life ban."

Cooroy-Eumundi president John Hope said he could not comment because the incident was being reviewed.

Maleny Cricket Club president Greg Corkin did not return the Daily's call.

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