David Hamilton at the scene of the crime.
David Hamilton at the scene of the crime. Blainey Woodham

Go-karts no use to thieves: owner

MURWILLUMBAH'S David Hamilton sees "no rhyme or reason" why thieves stole his trailer containing three go-karts from a holding yard in Murwillumbah last Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

The trailer is normally stored in a very secure storage facility but because of the recent flooding, Mr Hamilton moved it to higher ground at the old tractor yard along the Tweed Valley Way at South Murwillumbah.

The thieves - Mr Hamilton said there had to be more than one for the trailer to be quietly pushed out of the yard to be hooked to a vehicle - cut a heavy-duty lock to gain access to the premises.

One of the karts is Mr Hamilton's and the others belong to fellow Lismore Go-Kart Club members, Chris Ivey and his 9-year-old son, Cooper.

Mr Hamilton says it will be "virtually impossible" for the thieves to race the karts which are etched with chassis number and engine number.

"If they did manage to grind off the number, they would have some explaining to do to officials when pre-race inspections were being carried out," Mr Hamilton said.

"The go-kart community is a closely knit mob and everybody in the sport will be keeping an eye out for the three stolen karts.

"I'd say it would be impossible for them to use the karts in competition and there's absolutely no way they can be used as paddock bashers - the clearance between seat and ground is only half an inch.

"They only place they can be driven is either on a racetrack or road.

"If they do drive them on roads, they are certain to attract plenty of attention from the general public and they would soon find themselves in trouble with the law."

The fully enclosed black box trailer (6x5) had two black CRG Rotax 125cc go karts inside and 80cc Rockie Kart (blue) on top.

The trailer's registration number is X42 206 (NSW). It has a rear door that opens like a horse float and a roof that opens up with tailgate struts.

As well as the karts, the trailer contained gear such as race suits, helmet, gloves and boots and a box holding mechanical equipment. The total value exceeds $20,000.

Police have so far been unable to locate the culprits or the stolen karts and trailer.

If anyone has any information on the theft please contact police.

Mr Hamilton is offering a reward for their return.

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