Glasser appeals jail sentence

PAUL ROBINSON glassed his girlfriend in the jaw when the pair argued at their home in Casino.

He was before the Lismore District Court this week to appeal against the severity of his 18-month jail sentence.

Robinson, 22, was given the sentence, with an order to serve a non-parole of four months, after pleading guilty in the Lismore Local Court last December to recklessly wounding the woman on March 27 last year.

Reading the facts of the case and a defence submission, Judge James Black said it was an unpleasant offence and had it happened in a public licensed premises it would have been called a ‘glassing', although it still was a form of glassing.

The judge said he accepted it was not a deliberate attack but a nasty assault by Robinson who had been holding a glass.

He accepted defence argument from lawyer Amy Barker that her client was making good progress with regard to some aspects of his life.

But the judge said that the seriousness of the offence meant it must receive a custodial sentence.

Judge Black set aside the local court decision, but reimposed a sentence of 18 months and a non-parole of four months.

However, the judge said he would take into account the six months the matter had been waiting for the appeal to be heard and he would make the sentence 15 months.

The non-parole period of four months would remain, but the judge made an order that it be served by way of weekend periodic detention at the Grafton jail.

On his release Robinson was to remain on supervised parole.

Judge Black warned Robinson if he breached the periodic detention order he would go to jail.

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