Giving greenhouse the flick

WHAT did our great grandparents do before lighting up the house was as easy as a flick of the switch?

Find out by taking a trip back to yesteryear for The Northern Rivers’ Biggest Turn-Off next Wednesday, November 26.

The Northern Star is calling on residents and businesses of the Northern Rivers region to switch off their lights for 30 minutes from 8pm.

Not only will you be saving money by saving energy – you will be contributing to the lowering of greenhouse gas emissions, which will lessen your impact on the environment.

You and your family might also cultivate some new energy-saving habits on the night that will ultimately benefit your back pocket!

On the same evening, all of APN News and Media’s newspapers throughout Northern NSW and Queensland will be asking their communities to join in the big ‘Turn-Off’.

Turning off the lights and tuning into the darkness for just half an hour will save a huge amount of energy and Country Energy will be watching.

Country Energy will monitor participating areas in our region and we will publish the results. So tell your family, tell your friends and let’s be the big environmental winners!

A big supporter of The Northern Rivers’ Biggest Turn-Off is Amanda Finnie, of Wollongbar, who works at Fairmarket Antiques in Lismore. 

 “I think the Biggest Turn-Off is a great way to bring attention to how much electricity people use and how they take it for granted,” she said.

“I feel quite strongly about conservation. People should really try and save energy.”'

Ms Finnie had some energy-saving ideas for everyone to use for the night. “People could try using candles, they could hold a gas barbecue with friends or play some cards or a board game under the light of a camping lamp,” she said,

 Ms Finnie said she always tried to conserve energy in her every-day use and hoped everyone would do the same for the ‘Big Turn-Off’.

“People take things for granted. Electricity is available so easily, but people don’t think about it,” Ms Finnie said.

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