Giving is fabulous and good for the soul

THERE is something quite wonderful in the giving of a gift.

Now, just for the sake of honesty, let's get one thing straight: I am no Mother Theresa.

Presents are one of my favourite things. And I love to unwrap them to find what hidden treasure I am to behold.

But the giving. Oh, now there is a whole other level of joy.

Be it for the kids, my dear gentleman friend, my parents or friends - there is nothing like it.

And best of all is giving when there is no reason at all.

Last weekend I had one of those emotionally empowering moments when I went through my (admittedly extensive) wardrobe and ruthlessly culled.

The result was a pile of clothes to give away, which was about a metre long and a good almost metre high.

These were frocks (and yes, a couple of shocks), which I had been hanging on to as a throwback to a former life.

They were items for which I had once felt sentiment. But now, they were cluttering my wardrobe and I needed space.

It was cathartic. Certainly I reminisced, remembering a dinner here, a ball there, awards ceremonies, parties, life's moments all represented in a flurry of frills, pleats and flounces with silken, synthetic merriment.

But by far the best thing was calling on a couple of my nearest and dearest to come and take them off my hands.

Now don't go picturing some mad Sex and the City-style walk down memory lane montage.

But there was laughter, there were memories and there were oohs and ahs as my much-loved clothes found a new home and a new lease on life.

They were going to be loved again. In giving, you take away so much more. It is one of life's true joys.

It's good for your soul, it makes you feel good. It's fabulous.

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