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Gigi Hadid: I'm 'taking the pressure off' myself

GIGI Hadid is trying to "take the pressure off" herself this year.

The 21-year-old model is working hard to stay positive and has hit back at her critics by insisting she is still learning about herself.

Speaking before she took to the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris on Wednesday (30.11.16) evening, she explained: "I put a lot of effort into just being positive this year - taking the pressure off myself and remembering to have a really good time. That's been really cool for me, because it's been a way to take every second in and enjoy it ...

"Everyone's different - you have to know your body, listen to your body, and understand that. I'm still learning about my body; everyone's body is going to change. You can be one way one year and another way the next. The important thing is to accept yourself and keep learning about yourself."

And the blonde beauty enjoyed having her sister Bella Hadid - who was making her Victoria's Secret debut - with her at the show as it made her think about some of the tips she could give to her younger sibling.

She added to "It helps to be able to help someone else, because you get to remind yourself of your own tips. When the show is about to start, I'll probably be really nervous, but in rehearsal I was just excited and felt really, really good ...

"I think that if you walk out there and have a lot of appreciation and love for yourself, then that comes through on camera. I think that's why this group of girls is chosen - they're effortlessly confident and effortlessly beautiful. You have to kind of remind yourself of that, that you're in the show for a reason."

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