Kevin Hogan says funding on local hospitals is increasing, not decreasing as claimed by GetUp
Kevin Hogan says funding on local hospitals is increasing, not decreasing as claimed by GetUp Ross Kendall

Hogan slams Getup hospital report as untrue and discredited

UPDATE: FEDERAL member for Page Kevin Hogan has slammed the campaigning group GetUp stating their report on cuts to local hospitals is untrue.

"There have been no funding cuts to hospitals," he said.

"Funding to our public hospital system is increasing each and every year."

Mr Hogan confirmed the Turnbull government recently signed an agreement with the NSW Government to inject an extra $2.9 billion into the public hospital system.

"This means NSW hospitals will receive more than $30 billion over five years."

Mr Hogan said total funding for health is also increasing.

Since the coalition has been in government from 2013, Mr Hogan said $64 billion of federal government money was spent on health.

"This has increased every year and will reach more than $79 billion in 2019/20 - that's an increase of 23.4%," Mr Hogan said.

"This report by GetUp has already been widely discredited.

"It does not include the recent $2.9 billion injection nor does it use the correct funding formula for regional hospitals which receive "block funding". "

INITIAL: A CAMPAIGN has been launched on website GetUp to get Page MP Kevin Hogan to ensure hospitals in the electorate don't lose up to $404.8 million over the next decade.

Getup spokeswoman Alycia Gawthorne said figures of more than $400 million in Page was based on the local-level projections of $57 billion in federal health cuts.

Ms Gawthorne said GetUp worked with Australian Unions to project the impact of federal funding cuts based on Parliamentary Budget Office figures and estimates from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

"The Turnbull Government is taking billions of dollars in federal funding cuts to the upcoming election," she said.

"Page voters deserve to know how these cuts may impact local hospital services so that they can make an informed decision come election day.

"Kevin Hogan should listen to warnings from peak doctors and nurses groups that patient care is already being compromised and many hospitals are reaching breaking point.

"He should stand up for Page voters and demand that funding be restored to a safe level.

"The Coalition's attack on public health is already ringing alarm bells for voters, with protecting our universal health system polling as the key vote-changing issue this election time.

"Mr Hogan would do well to be worried.

"When you show up at Lismore emergency room, the last thing you want to worry about is whether there's enough staff or beds to deliver the care you or your loved one needs."

Local Hospitals set to lose over the next decade

Casino Hospital $25.5 million

Lismore Base Hospital $218.2 million

Nimbin Multi Purpose Service $11 million

Kyogle Multi Purpose Service $32.3 million

Maclean Hospital $32.6 million

Grafton Base Hospital $85.2 million

To sign the petition or find your local hospital petition visit

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