‘Get Wicked campers off our roads’, says councillor

TWO North Coast councils will this week debate the issue of Wicked camper vans, and whether the sexist and offensive slogans can be banned.

Ballina Shire councillor Robyn Hordern will put a motion forward at Thursday's meeting asking for the council write to the relevant state and federal ministers to "encourage and support any actions or legislative changes that can or are to be taken to remove or ban the inappropriate messages that are printed on Wicked camper vans".

She writes in her motion: "We are all aware of the inappropriate and degrading messages that are often placed on Wicked camper vans. I understand that councils such as Byron Shire are starting to lobby for the removal of these messages and it is appropriate for council to write letters of support for any actions that can or are being taken to assist with this campaign, as the public display of these messages is often insulting and / or degrading to many members of our community."

At Byron Shire Council's meeting on Thursday, Cr Duncan Dey also has a motion to write to NSW Premier Mike Baird "supporting calls to get the slogans off the vans, or the vans off the road, or the drivers out of the vans".

The letter would also be sent to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Cr Dey is calling for the council to investigate ways it can ban the slogans or the vans by erecting signs at entry points to the shire, or by excluding vans with offensive slogans from council caravan parks.

"Councillors will have seen the Wicked slogans over the years," he wrote in his motion.

"We were relieved at one stage by many of the vans being taken off the road when found unroadworthy.

"They seem to have then returned, with the slogans even more offensive than before.

"Some earlier slogans had a modicum of humour. The latest batch fail even that test."

Both councils will vote on the motions on Thursday.

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