Get to know your mould (And what it does to your health)

HAVE you ever wondered how much mould is lurking unseen in your home - and the impact it can have on your family's health?

Here are a few home truths you may not know (Thanks to Gyrock Sensitive): 

1. An adult's breath and perspiration creates around 1.25 litres of moisture per day

2. The bedroom is the 2nd most mould-affected room in the house, after the bathroom

3. Smaller bedrooms and bathrooms can be more susceptible to moisture build up

4. 35% of Australian households surveyed had experienced mould

5. Australians spend 90% of their time indoors

6. Mould thrives in 70% to 90% humidity…conditions commonly found in Australia's most populated areas

7. There are around 2.3 million asthmatics in Australia, many are sensitive to the most common household pollutants - mould, dust mites and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) 

8. The air in any home contains a range of pollutants….often much more concentrated than outdoor air

9. Modern homes are often more airtight with lower ventilation, which can contribute to moisture build up and promote mould growth

10. A World Health Organisation (WHO) review found that the biggest effects of moisture and mould in buildings are increased respiratory symptoms, allergies, asthma and other disturbances of the immune system.

This research was commissioned by Australian plasterboard manufacturer CSR Gyprock, who wanted to find out just how healthy our homes really are and if they are affecting the health of our nation.

Gyprock recently launched Gyprock Sensitive, a plasterboard which offers enhanced mould resistance and improved moisture resistance making it the superior choice for anyone wanting to create a healthier environment, throughout their home.

Gyprock Sensitive is the only residential plasterboard in Australia approved by the National Asthma Council's Sensitive Choice program as a better choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

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