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 TELSTRA: pay phones offer free calls during the Christmas period.
TELSTRA: pay phones offer free calls during the Christmas period. Iain Curry

PHONE calls are currently free from the 183 payphones owned by Telstra in the Northern Rivers.

The offer by the telco includes free local, national and mobile calls at more than 16,000 Telstra payphones in Australia from Christmas Eve until Wednesday, December 28.

According to a Telstra spokesperson, some of the most popular payphones in the region are in Court St, Tabulam, Canterbury St in Casino and Molesworth St in Lismore.

Click here to find your nearest payphone.

Telstra Area General Manager Mike Marom said by offering free calls, Telstra hoped more people would be able to get in touch with loved ones this Christmas.

"While most of us are lucky enough to do this in person or have access to technology that helps bring us together, we know there are others who may find themselves separated from loved ones without a way to get in touch," Mr Maron said.

Cathy Humphrey, CEO at Sacred Heart Mission, encouraged people who haven't contacted their loved ones in a while to take advantage of the free calls.

"Christmas can be an extremely tough time for many Australians who are either going through a difficult time themselves or are missing someone they love," Ms Humphrey said.

"There are many reasons people might lose contact with friends and family. With financial barriers removed, we're encouraging anyone who is apart from their loved ones this Christmas to give them a call."

Things you need to know:

  • Restricted to local calls, national calls to standard fixed lines and calls to standard Australian mobiles on Telstra-branded payphones.
  • National calls to standard fixed line numbers excludes some usage such as calls to premium numbers (such as 19xx numbers), 1234 and 12456 numbers.
  • Satellite numbers are not standard mobiles.
  • Excludes Telstra rented payphones.

Payphones in the area:

  • Ballina: 33
  • Byron: 46
  • Kyogle: 18
  • Lismore: 61
  • Richmond Valley: 25

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