Opinion: Gas is gone but is anyone going to back wind?

THE Northern Rivers is home to the protest movement, so we are very good at saying 'no' to things.

Collectively, the will of the people, saw off the environmental threat posed by Coal Seam Gas in our region.

And no amount of scare-mongering by the Greens is ever going to see CSG make a comeback to this area.

No government would be stupid enough to spend $20-plus million dollars buying back CSG licences only to re-issue them at a later date. Surely, we can take that off the agenda.

But having scared the CSG industry away from investing in this region, what sort of industry would we welcome here?

Shadow Minister Mark Butler visited the area yesterday, one of the long line of heavy-hitters Labor are rolling out to try and win Page back from the Nats.

He was banging on about renewables being a potential money spinner for the Northern Rivers and pointed to the success of the Rainbow Power Company as solar pioneers.

This is all true. But how far are the major parties prepared to go to support renewable companies setting up in this region?

I mean seriously, are we talking solar farms? Wind turbines dotted along the coast of Ballina, Byron or Evans Head?

Or would there be those in our community who would get out the protest banner and picket a poor farmer who signed an agreement with a company wanting to set up wind turbines on their land?

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