Could you find out where you are, just by using Google Street View?
Could you find out where you are, just by using Google Street View? Contributed

GAME: Travel the world without leaving home

LIFE is busy enought without distractions but who can resist those internet games that keep popping up.

A friend recently posted about one for those who like to do a bit of armchair travelling.

It's called GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world

As one person stated "Wow, travel I can afford."

The idea is the game drops you somewhere in the world and by using Google Street View you have to guess where you are.

Despite my full-time job, studies, growing family and house to run, I thought, "Meh, why not. I've got time."

So I clicked on the link which took me into the game where I could choose to be a single player or take the challenge mode.

As I was only at the stage of "dipping my toe in" I decided to take the single player option.

Next thing I found myself on the bend of a lonely looking paved two lane road with a car in front of me, a tree covered mountain to my right and some kind of shed with stairs leading from it to the road on my left.

Now, I like to think as a journalist I have very strong powers of deduction and research and I noted the car in front was driving on the right hand side of the road.

Well, that narrows it down somewhat, but not much.

I wasn't in Australia, England or some Asian countries.

The number plate was blocked out so that was no help. Not that I am up on what number plates in other countries look like.

I decided to follow the car down the road to see if I could glimpse any signs to perhaps give away the language.

I came across some more buildings, one with a big Pepsi sign on it. As I looked across to my left I saw a valley and many little houses/sheds dotted over the landscape.

I was guessing the area seemed somewhat third world. It was definitely rural.

I continued on and came to a sign that said "Curva Peligrosa".

Now I lived in Spain for a year and deduced very quickly it was Spanish and it was telling me the curve ahead was dangerous.

So I narrowed the place down to possibly being somewhere in South America at this stage.

More shops but this time with signs of Coca-Cola. Where ever this was, they love their fizzy caffeine drinks.

Moving further on down the road, there were more cars and a few trucks. The area looked like there was some building going on.

The place was definitely mountainous and by this stage I was guessing Peru. So I gave it a go.

Unfortunately I put the indicator on the map in Chile instead, but it didn't matter as it turned out I was on the road San Cristobal de las Casas, Ocosingo, in Chaipas, Guatamale.

Who knew? Obviously not me, but I did score 148 points.

I can guarantee this game could get addictive so if you dare, try it out for yourself at

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