Furious response to chat-up lines hits Big Bash star for six

CRICKET: WEST Indian Big Bash cricketer Chris Gayle's attempts at humour in a post innings interview fell as flat as the shot that brought his dismissal.

After blasting 41 from 14 balls in Monday night's game between the Melbourne Renegades and Hobart Hurricanes, Gayle swung himself off his feet attempting another six, and ended up flat on his back as he holed out to a fielder in the deep.

The post-innings interview with Channel 10 reporter Mel McLaughlin was just as clumsy as Gayle yorked himself by attempting to chat up the reporter when she asked him about his innings.

Former Grafton athlete Katie Brown, now a television sports reporter based in Rockhampton, said Gayle had clearly failed to pick the wrong'un.

"It's clear that his response made her feel uncomfortable and he should have stopped," she said.

"Mel takes pride in being an independent and professional woman, so to be making a joke out of that on national television is out of line."

Brown said her initial response to the explosion of outrage over the interview was it had been blown out of proportion, but when she thought more about it, she saw some serious underlying issues.

"There are more and more female sports journalists out there and most of the sports we're covering are male.

"Chris has to realise he is a paid professional on live TV and what he did was clearly unacceptable."

Brown said there was still room for some fun between reporters and their interview subjects.

"I know Tim Cahill gave her (McLaughlin) a kiss on live TV," she said. "But it was the way he did it. You didn't feel uncomfortable."

Reports since the interview said McLaughlin was angry and upset over Gayle's actions.

Gayle has apologised, but says the response to it is out of proportion.

Channel 10 has announced it will cease equipping Gayle with an on-field mike or helmet camera for live comment from the field.

Gayle has also since been fined by Melbourne Renegades $10,000 for the incident with all the fine going to the Jane McGrath Foundation for breast cancer research. 

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